Protean Technologies LLC.

Who are we?

Protean provides engineering services for your software and hardware needs. This is who we are.

Product Developers

We at Protean have years of experience designing and developing both software and hardware products. With a wide skill set, we've been everywhere. We've built featured native apps, augmented reality games, enterprise websites and webapps, hardware products such as infotainment systems, IoT devices as well as our own hardware products. If you have a product you're dreaming of but need some help getting started, we would love to hear about it.

Software Consultants

Do you have an existing software system that needs some love? If so we can help! Protean is quick to adapt to our clients software systems and begin providing value. We have a broad skillset ranging from rendering to firmware, machine learning and web. Let us help you today!

Embedded Systems Engineers

Are you trying to find your way into the IoT or consumer electronics space? If so, look no further. We have significant experience with low-level software as well as the chops to design the hardware it runs on. We have experience with many IoT relevant protocols, as well as wireless communication technologies such as Bluetooth, and a wide range of environment sensing technology ranging from MEMS to computer vision.


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